Cotswald Way 50K (Unofficial)

28 Feb 2015

I managed to catch up with my old friend Richard Corp before the event and teamed up with his missus Emma Flexon for the day. Rich wasn’t running this one as he had The Bath Half the following morning. We started on the playing fields in Weston, Bath, and made our way to Old Sodbury….. before turning around and headed back to Bath again. It was incredibly muddy on some sections and the route took us over a serious of undulating countryside (for undulating read “hilly”). Emma and I made a wrong turn after the golf course, but luckily realised our error relatively quickly , so after approximately half a mile returned the way we had come and found ourselves at the back of the pack. My knee had been playing up the week before but was holding up well ….as in the fact that I was aware of it but it never really bothered me too much. I was using this event as a tester for my knee before I committed myself to the Imber Ultra on the following week. My left groin however (the same issue as at Salisbury 54321 last year) was causing me more grief than the knee!! We reached the turn round point at The Dog Inn at Old Sodbury, stopped for a quick pee break, and ploughed on. On the return journey we were joined by a chap called John who had never ran more than 5k before. Don’t let that fact fool you however. He is  a member of The Long Distance Walkers Association and was walking as fast as I was running! Hat off to the guy. The weather got colder and wetter as we continued and the sun going down brought not ony the darkness, but also more rain. It was becoming more and more precarious with each step so our little group took the decision to call it a day at the aid station in Pennsylvania. Do Nothing Foolish! 6 hours 45 mins and 25 miles of hills and mud, followed by a lot more hills and lots more mud = loads of fun. I have to pay a special thank you to the ladies that ran the aid stations. This was a free event, having been organised by Tim Lambert and Chris Mills from the Social Ultra Group. As such the aid stations were being ran by wives/girfriends of runners taking part. All the food at the stations was therfore either bought by them or made by them. It would be fair to say the choice of food and drink at the stations could put some other paid events to shame!! Fantastic day out with fantastic people. This is already  in my calander for a “must do again” next year – whatever date it falls on.


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