The post that says nothing

What do we do when we are not running? By we I mean anyone who runs. This sport is not reserved only for the elite and the quick. Nor does it belong exclusively to those that run absolutely silly and ridiculous miles in one chunk. It makes no difference if you are capable of setting a new land speed record on foot, or if you achieve a top speed, with a balls out lung bustin’ effort, of 20 mins per mile. Neither is it of any consequence if the farthest you have ever ran, or ever want to run is 5K, or if you run 300 mile Artic Ultras for fun. If you are a highly respected and acclaimed club runner or if you have only plodded around the streets where you live alone – matters not. If you have been running for 30 years or only started 3 weeks ago. If you run then you are a runner. That is what I mean by we.

So what do we do when we can’t run? Well I can tell what I have done today as a starter. I watched Football Focus on the telly, I mooched around Facebook for a bit, I watched a movie on line,…………..and I read lots and lots of blogs…………..written by runners. I don’t know if other sports spawn such a great need from it’s participants to scribe – I don’t read those blogs. However, we do appear to write a heck of a lot about our chosen sport. I mean a real lot! Now I may be doing an injustice to my fellows runners. For all I know the undisputed heavy weight Kings and Queens of blogging may well belong to those that play indoor bowls, or outdoor polo, or any other sport as a matter of fact. I just know that we runners feel a need to write about it extensively

We write about why we run or started running. We write about swapping a life of addiction to drugs/alcohol/smoking/food/etc for a healhier lifestyle. We tell about beginning running to get fitter, lose weight, raise money for charity, as a bet on a drunken Sat night out, and so on, and so on. We write about pace per min, timings, negative splits, winning, and losing. We relay stories of triumph and stories of woe from our latest events. We write about hill reps, about fartleks, about tempo runs, about LSR’s, about back to back runs. We publish gear reviews on everything from sun hats to water bottles. We impart what are the best shoes, the best compression top, the best race vest, for the road, for the trail, for the mountain. We tell the world about gels, electrolyte tabs, peanut butter sarnies.  We inform all what we eat when we are running and what we eat when we are not running. The list goes on and on about what we write about.

The natural question that should therefore be evoked is “why”. Alas, I am not aware of the answer to that. In fact I haven’t given any thought what so ever as to the reasons why we runners are compelled to put pen to paper (or bash the laptop keyboard) so much.

The purpose of this post then? – I’m injured, therefore not running, which equates to being bored. Ergo – I wrote about running Cool


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