I wrote a longish post today on my thoughts concerning Running Snobs. Unfortunately when I attempted to transfer it – I inadvertently deleted it!! Doh. The truth be known I can’t be bothered to rewrite the whole post again now, so I will save it for another day instead 🙂


My current enforced “no running” period has left me with  lots and lots of time to read and write about running –  but not actually do any running. It has also allowed me to plan about my return to running. I am unsure exactly when that will be, but at some time, in the not too distant future when I do, then I plan to do a hill session at Cley Hill. This is what Wikepedia (the unchecked and unregulated font of all internet knowledge) has to say about the place:

Cley Hill (grid reference ST838449) a prominent hill near Warminster in Wiltshire, England.

A 26.6 hectare area of chalk grassland at Cley Hill was notified as a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1975. The land is owned and managed by the National Trust, having been gifted to the charity in 1954 by the 6th Marquess of Bath

There is a legend that the hill was formed by the devil, when he dropped a sack of earth with which he had planned to bury the town of Devizes. He had retrieved the earth from Somerset and was travelling to Devizes when he stopped to ask an old man the distance to the town. The man replied that he had been walking for years to reach Devizes, so the devil abandoned his plan 🙂

Neil Turnbull's photo.