Close – but no cigar


So I paid a visit to my GP on Friday for a chat about “the lumps that are no longer there”. Well, I do still have one lump but it is contained behind the internal meshing that was installed during the recent surgery. According to the doc this particular lump is likely to just be a hematoma (a pool of hardened blood from all the poking around inside me – a bit like a big internal scab really). “Probably nothing to worry about – we will keep an eye on it” she said. So I am not worried about it, and to be honest it has got a bit smaller over the last week – in the words of Paul Daniels (for those that remember who he is) – “Not a lot”. But smaller it has got none the less.

The remainder of our chat was about how I was recovering and feeling. After nearly 4 weeks of being signed off work I have found that there really, honestly, hand on heart, only is so much lazing around that I can do. The first week I was entirely incapable of doing much of anything that necessitated me getting out of bed. I made the odd quick excursion in to the bathroom for a toilet break (a break from what?? – laying horizontal under my duvet of repair!) or to have a very quick shower. Come the second week I found myself venturing downstairs. Not for long, and not to do anything (heavens forbid I actually did something). I found myself over this week alternating between laying in bed watching movies, scrolling around Facebook, and blogging……. and sitting on the couch watching movies, scrolling around Facebook, and blogging. However towards the end of this week I did manage to fend for myself a little bit. I successfully made myself the odd sandwich or cuppa before scampering back to the safety of my bed or settee. As the third week arrived I was becoming a lot more mobile. I was up every day and downstairs for the whole duration. Go me eh! I began to be a bit adventurous – on at least 2 occasions I gingerly walked to the school to pick up our youngest at the end of the day (for the unaware I will add at this point that we live no more than 50 metres from the school!). But I was feeling better. Not fully recovered……but certainly on the right path. I had a mountain of things that I wanted to get done, but still wasn’t quite physically well enough to do them. My sick note was due to run out at the end of this week but my doc wasn’t prepared to allow me back to work just yet. A brief consultation resulted in my sick note being extended for a further 5 days. Over the course of the next 5 days, taking me in to the fourth week, I continued to take it easy but managed to do pretty much everything I would normally do minus anything strenuous. I drove, I cooked meals, I watered my plants and veggies, I walked to the stables, I walked to the school, I went to the shop, I went to the garage. Normality began to feel almost touchable.

So that is the back drop to where I was when I saw the doc last Friday. Almost better but not quite there yet. So to that end she was happy to give me a fit for work chitty – but only on restricted duties. I am back at work but I am not allowed out of the office. Mentally I am soooooooooo ready to run. But I will err on the side of caution and refrain from digging out my running shoes for a bit longer. I would hate to find that my impatience undoes all the repair work and healing that my body is going through, setting me back and resulting in a much, much, longer time off my feet. A matter of another week, perhaps two at the most, and I feel confident that I will be physically capable of a little, steady easy plod around the village. At the moment I can do – I just can’t do everything yet.


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