As Arnie said – “I’ll be back”


After nearly 7 weeks of a medical enforced sabbatical from running – I have now ran again!!!!!

I attended Avon Valley Runners last night for the first time and enjoyed their company on a nice 1hr 05 mins run with the Purple Group. Prior to this run I had envisioned that my first post surgery run would be a solo affair comprising of nothing more than a really really really slow and steady plod around the village where I live. I also imagined running for perhaps a maximum of  3 or 4 miles only. My mindset was very firmly one of “do nothing foolish”. I didn’t want to break myself again on my first outing!!

I have never belonged to any running club, however I have been threatening to join a club for several years now. I have always enjoyed the freedom that running by myself and being able to dictate my own sessions affords. Such as –  if the club were doing a hill session but I fancied doing a tempo run,or fartleks, or a LSR trail run, or whatever else,  then by not belonging to a club I could please myself. Beyond that I don’t have any one reason in particular for not joining.

I attended  couple of sessions last year with Somer AC and they were all a thoroughly nice and amiable bunch of people. The  people I meet last night from AVR were just as friendly and welcoming too. Will I join? I don’t know yet. I do know that I ran harder and longer than I would of done had I just ventured around the village by myself………. I finished buzzing, enthused, and not broken – now that can’t be a bad thing 🙂


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