Just like a retired sheep farmer


This morning I did my very best impression of one of my ultra running heroes – Cliff Young.  No I didn’t run 544 miles non stop and then give away all of my winning prize money to other runners. Not at all. What I did was chase errant sheep! Now admittedly Cliff had 2000 sheep scattered over 2000 acres and I was only chasing down 2 sheep over a 1 acre field………but those pesky lil lamp chops didn’t half give me and my good lady Donna the run around. We eventually managed to herd them into an empty stable, which is not where they are supposed to be, but safer than the loose condition I found them in this morning. They have their own field to be in…….they just weren’t in it upon my arrival!!

So I arrived at Shear Water a tad later than I had anticipated this morning. I duly ran one solitary lap of the route for Chapter 2 in the grand time of 52 mins. Ta dah! I worked hard too. It was anything but a blistering pace (1 lap is just over 5 miles) but a combination  of the terrain and topography (there are several mean climbs), with one section still being decidedly very muddy, and my own reduced levels of fitness (this is only my second post op run after all): meant that I worked hard for the whole of those 52 mins 🙂


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