Discovering my “favourite” hill


Bottom of the hill / my start point

Today was only my third post op run, but I wanted to go a bit harder than I had originally envisioned that I would of been doing at this point. With that in mind I made my way to Westbury and parked up at the bottom of the bridleway in Wellhead Drove. Those that have run the Imber Ultra will know this is the first climb that is encountered on the day.

I duly made way up the bridleway until I reached The Imber Trail / Ridgeway at the top some 618 feet of elevation and 0.83 miles away from my start point. It took me approximately 12 mins to get to the summit before I turned around and immediately began a slow, steady descent back down again which lasted approximately 8 mins. I repeated this cycle for a total of 3 reps which took me 1 hour (and 1 minute) and equated to a total climb 1854 feet.

On the way up

On the way up

Still going up

Still going up

At the top - yah!

At the top – yah!

Heading back down again

Heading back down again

If I am being entirely honest……………….. then I am feeling quite chuffed with myself. Not because this was a hugely enormous and massive hill, nor because I set a new land speed record with my pace. This time 8 days ago I just wasn’t expecting to be running any hills at this point. The fact I am is an unexpected bonus 🙂


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