Shorter than expected


Today’s run was a bit like when you meet Tom Cruise in the flesh –  a bit shorter than expected.

My aim for today was to have “time on my feet” with a bit of elevation for good measure. So I had planned to do nothing more than a long slow hill session up and down my favourite hill for between 4 and 5 hours.That didn’t happen though. From the moment I set off I felt lethargic and sluggish. Now, any of us who run know that we can, more often or not, push past this point and start to feel good again. So I kept on going.

After an hour I still had no sign that a purple patch was awaiting me any time soon and I continued to struggle somewhat. The walking up hill bits, whilst still being methodical were also very laboured as well. The running downhill bits offered no respite as I never quite gained any comfortable momentum.

After 2 hours nothing had improved. The entire session to this point had just felt awkward and uncomfortable with each and every step. I took stock and made the decision that as this was only a training run that I would call it a day there. I was not willing to push myself and risk jeopardising the training runs that I have planned for around the corner. So after only at least half of my original intended “time on my feet”  I had completed 5 reps which equals an overall total climb of 3,090 feet.

So I came home, drank coffee, and blogged instead 🙂


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