“Fac Off”. “No. You Fac Off”


I have been away for a considerable time now. Not that I have been on an extended holiday so have been too busy sunning myself on a beach with a crystal clear blue sea lapping at my feet to update anyone with my inane ramblings. Nor have I “been away” for an extended stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure either and been denied access to t’internetwebbthingy. No. But I have been  entirely absent from this blog for some time now.  However I have also been true to my word and  I have not ran any Ultra’s this year.

So what has been happening? Beyond Brexit and Trump that is (not gonna get sucked into any debate about those two pearls of wisdom here!!). If you are interest to know I suggest that you read on………….

I have continued to run. Shorter distances. But continue to run I have. I made, what I believe to be the correct decision, to take a year off from running Ultra’s. By default then this included the training that is needed to run an Ultra. In fact I think it would be accurate to say that the longest distance I have ran this year is just over  half marathon distance.

But in this time something incredibly enjoyable has happened…….. As I have stated previously I do not belong to any Running Club. I don’t for a solitary moment baulk at those who do. It has just never felt right for me. That’s all.

Saying that however, I have hooked up with a group of runners called Fac Off (Frome And Country Off Road Runners). A group of people who enjoy informal off road running without the strict application of any over zealous Health & Safety regulations. A group of individuals that accept personal responsibility for a twisted ankle, a bruised knee, nettle rash, perhaps even a badger bite , whilst on a group run, be that day or night. And, as if having a mature attitude towards the risks we all face when running wasn’t enough…….there is generally beer and chips involved after a run too!! As a solo runner for the previous 35 years, the discovery of this bunch of like-minded, mud obsessed, hill loving, idiots……..has been unexpectedly refreshing for me.

I will continue to run with this eclectic group of new found running buddies for as long as they will suffer me. But I am returning to the world of non conventional running next year. Ham & Lyme 100k with Albion Running, having deferred my entry this year, is carved in stone for July next year. It’s Albion Running so I know it’s gonna special and it’s gonna be unique 😊



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