Like a plan…..kind of….ish


Now that all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year are behind us, I have given some thought to the training for my much anticipated return to the world of ultra’s (anticipated by exactly who I can’t answer). So pull up a seat, make a coffee, make ya self comfy, and prick your ears back (figuratively speaking…..cos I’m not actually talking am I…….try keeping ya eyes peeled instead then)

The plan…..kinda…..ish actually isn’t a plan really. At the present I have a good idea of what kind of running I intend to do, but when and how that running will actually occur, I don’t really know. So I will explain what I do know:

I didn’t run any great individual distances last year at all. The farthest I ran on any one single run was just over half marathon distance. Instead I made the decision to increase the elevation gain of my runs. And I enjoyed doing so. I had planned to run a particular route that is just over marathon distance and has an overall elevation of over 5,200 ft. Several of my Fac Off buddies had expressed an interest in joining me, and I was viewing this as a fun day out, no pressure, not a race……just a nice day out.  As on many other occasions, the Big L stepped in with other ideas, and I never actually managed to do this run.

So my plan….kinda….ish involves increasing my milage, time on feet, whilst continuing to have elevation gain as the bedrock. I will chuck in the fun day out run as part of that training. In the words of Bugs Bunny…….”That’s all folks”.

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