Back to the Future


Having taken an entire year off from running stupidly long distances has had the effect of altering my attitude to those same stupidly long distances. I haven’t changed my mind about running Ultra’s. Not at all or in the slightest. It is still something that I most certainly want to do. No, I just look at at them a tad differently now than I did before.

As I return to the non conventional clique of ultra running………. I am somewhat apprehensive. I previously had curiosity, intrigue, some concerns, and even some worries. But not any apprehension. However I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what I am apprehensive about. I think it is a mixture of things to be perfectly frank. Finding the time to train, the long laborious solo runs in preparation, the pain before the purple patch before the pain again, and other things that I perhaps haven’t identified yet

For by reducing the distances I have ran for the last year, I have removed those thing from the equation when I have thought about going for a run.  Going for a short 1 hr run up The Plain has needed much less organising, has required much less mental strength, and been vastly less punishing on my body, than getting ready for an Ultra.

Now I have to build them back into the equation.

That’s that sorted then

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