Round up 2

And the results for January are in………………………………….

Jan 2017 hr

Mon 2nd  – 36:48 mins. 3.0 miles. 12:13/mi. 811 ft elevation

Thu 5th  – 1 hr 19:43 mins. 6.4 miles. 12:25/mi. 2014 ft elevation

Sat 7th – 1hr 06:39 mins. 6.0 miles. 11:06/mi. 1643 ft elevation –

Tue 10th – 1 hr 29:27 mins. 8.2 miles. 10:54/mi. 1598 ft elevation

Thu 12th – 1 04:18 mins. 5.5 miles. 11:41/mi. 1620 ft elevation

Tue 24th – 49:06 mins. 4.5 miles. 10:54/mi. 897 ft elevation

Thu 26th – 49:19. 4.9 miles. 9:57/mi. 561 ft elevation

Sat 28/01 – 1hr 12:20 mins. 6.1 miles. 11:51/mi. 1266 ft elevation

Monthly totals:

Time: 10hrs 0:13.

Distance: 44.6 miles

Average pace: 13:27/mi

Elevation: 10,410 ft

Down in all of the parameters- Time, Distance, Pace, and Elevation, compared to the previous month. I’m not overly concerned by this, and I did have a bout of horrendous lurgies that knocked me completely off my feet and kept me from running for almost 2 weeks solid. The important thing is…………….I enjoyed each and every one of these runs.


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