An Idea is Born

In April 2014, as I sat in my front room, I turned to “She who must be obeyed” AKA Donna, and said “You know the saying – Regret the things that you don’t do and not the things that you do do”. “Yes” she replied. “Well” said I “I have an idea for a run that I want to do”. I then explained to her what my plan entailed for what I had been calling in my head The Far Side of Beyond. This is that plan:

2014 was the 70th anniversary of D Day. 2014 was the 100th anniversary of the commencement of WW1. I decided that I would run to every Police Station in Wiltshire in an attempt to raise £1000 for Help for Heroes. I intented to finish my journey at the Police Station in Royal Wootton Bassett on 11/11/2014. I would then join up with the Rememberance Day Service being held by the Royal British Legion in the town, and lay a wreath on behalf of Wiltshire Police at the War Memorial. When I considered the year and the significance of that, coupled with the fact that Wootton  Bassett had “Royal” added to the town name after all the outstanding support it had shown to troops being repatriated from Afghanistan…………..well, it all seemed highly apt and poignant to finish at that location, on that day, of that year.

The Far Side of Beyond was born.

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